A unique gift for someone, or just for yourself

Three reasons to buy artwork:

- Investment, artwork will always rise in price

- You like the image, it is your personality

- It goes with the decor of your home/premises.

Commitment and Service

Preserve yourself or a loved one for a thousand years. Even your children's children can admire your image. Not only is it unique but also affordable. Commissions under taken in oils/pencil/pastels. Cost is determined by medium and size. See below for examples, you can come to the studios or you can send a photograph. Please contact me for details

The studio address is:
Beaumont Hall Studios
Beaumont Hall Lane
Redbourn Road
St Albans


Artwork produced from photograph


paul john ballard
paul john ballard

ABOVE Bianca, and Becca, These are fine pencil drawings on board. The cost can vary, but normally between £100 - £1000 depending on how much of the figure and detail you would like.

paul john ballard
paul john ballard
Felicia Tang drawings in pencil and pastel.


Artwork from a live session

paul john ballard

ABOVE: Spirit posing for a series of paintings.

The cost can vary, if you wish to discuss a project just contact it's free to talk.


Erotic Figurative artwork

paul john ballard

You can commission sensual parts of the body.

These work great in a double mounted thick white frame.

click here for examples


Textured paintings

paul john ballard paul john ballard

Textured paintings, which can be produced in many different colours and sizes, work great on plain walls. The commission was undertaken for Premiership and England International footballers.

click here for examples


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