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paul john ballard
paul john ballard


Cabaret Design Group

My agent in North America is Cabaret Design Group. CDG is renowned in the design of award-winning gentlemen’s clubs and has a thorough understanding of my work and how to tailor effective artwork solutions in a variety of settings. My work now appears in the clubs of many of CDG’s clients and can be seen on their website at

I am confident that CDG can assist all of your artwork needs. For further assistance, please call their office in Chicago at 866-713-5483.



paul john ballard



Fine-arts Wohnkultur GmbH

FINE ARTS Exclusive Collections. Our company is located in Frankfurt Germany and our foundry is located in Spain and Frankfurt. If your in the vicinity, we urge you to visit us to see our showroom at Frankfurt. We are dedicated to producing world class and unique sculpture utilizing bronze materials. We are pleased to have Paul John Ballard on board as one of our top Sculptures.

All of our products were produced utilizing the ancient technique of lost wax casting method. We have a patented formula in mixing our bronze alloy and with our secret chemical patina we can produce different bronze colors. All of our sculptures are unique.

All of our Bronze sculptures are limited edition with a certificate of authenticity. We own a worldwide patent on our sculptures .

paul john ballard

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