Commercial Art by Paul John Ballard

I have been supplying Original artwork and prints for over 25 years.

My client list consists of interior designers, NHS hospitals, colleges, schools, the leisure industry, other businesses and public sector organisations including:

  • Wetherspoons
  • International footballers
  • Eaglemoss Publications
  • Settle Inn Group
  • Laura McCree
  • Hungry Horse
  • Punch Taverns
  • Tiffany’s Cabaret
  • Cheerleaders Club Philly
  • Happy Valley Nightclub in New York City

The Picture Palace

This is a back drop for one of the UK’s leading breweries “Wetherspoons”, 500th flagship pub “The Picture Palace” in London.

The premises was a picture palace back in the early 20th century, I decided upon the idea of old Hollywood movies. I painted “Harold Lloyd”, “Laurel & Hardy” and “Charlie Chaplin” in black and white, with the crowd below in colour.

The Glyndebourne Opera house

Samples of backdrops for “The Glyndebourne Opera House” at Elstree Studio’s.

Tiffany’s Cabaret

A selection of large canvas prints decorating the club interior